Our philosophy is to provide lasting value, through our fire prevention, protection and detection services and trouble-free fire alarm systems, day-after-day, year-after-year, while protecting your property and its occupants. In our 21 years of dedicated service, we have remained committed to our ideals and are industry-leaders in fire prevention , protection and detection.

Smarter-Fire-AlarmsAldona fire alarm systems are instantly recognizable by anybody in the industry, from Fire Department inspectors and even our competitors. Open one of our fire alarm control panels to reveal pristine, precisely organized wiring that connects to all the system’s alarms and devices. These signature touches showcase the Aldona philosophy – Quality Results through Keen Attention to Detail. We care and it shows.

Examination of our fire alarm systems will instantly reveal the quality of our workmanship and the pride we take in our chosen-craft. For example, we use expensive, high-quality cables in every installation, whereas most other fire protection companies use cheap, faulty cabling.  In addition to quality materials, we expertly plan fire alarm systems and even future-proof them. We also take the extra effort to place alarm-initiating devices in smart locations less likely to break or cause a false alarm.

Every decision made regarding a client’s fire alarm system receives strict attention to detail, planning and execution.  Aldona’s systems are engineered for long-lasting, quality results.

The time, effort and thought put into each Aldona system is truly remarkable. While the installation is ours to perform, we work closely with the building owner or client at every step of the way and encourage them to become involved in the process. We value client involvement greatly and look forward to working with you. Call or contact us to get started.

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