Fire Alarm Maintenance

Aldona stands at the forefront of the fire prevention, protection & detection industry, recognized by many as providing top-notch professional fire alarm system services and life safety protection through out the tri-state New York & New Jersey area.

Fire-Alarm-System-NormalThese services include: professional fire alarm maintenance services and 24/7 central station fire alarm monitoring, as well as installation and system programming.

Fire prevention and protection starts with a professional installation and programming of a well-designed fire alarm system – but that is just the beginning.

The law requires that property owners keep their property’s occupants and contents safe from certain risks and take preventive measures to ensure that safety. Such measures include having a connected, functioning and trouble-free fire alarm system.

If the type of property or business requires a fire alarm system, the law is clear that the fire alarm system must be continuously monitored by a 24/7 central station  fire alarm system monitoring company; as well as maintained and serviced according to the local law requirements, typically at least twice a year.

By choosing Aldona for the ongoing responsibility of 24/7 central station monitoring and/or semi-annual maintenance—we lift the responsibility of proper fire alarm system care off your shoulders.

With every new fire alarm system installation, the option of a renewable maintenance and/or monitoring contract is available from Aldona. If all three options: installation, maintenance & monitoring are selected by the client, Aldona provides a reduced-price incentive for all three-in-one services. Please call us for details.

For every existing fire alarm system, Aldona provides a complete fire alarm system evaluation and comprehensive system check performed by an Aldona technician trained and certified by the manufacturer. This initial value benefit provides property owners with a full detailed report of the status of their fire alarm system and an overall assessment of its condition. Please call us for details.

Fire Alarm System Upkeep

Did you know that proper preventative maintenance can double the life of your alarm system? Our years of experience have taught us time and again that without regular maintenance, even brand new, properly installed fire alarm systems are doomed to malfunction.

Our company is expertly familiar with every aspect of preventative maintenance. We are meticulous, dedicated and quite frankly, excellent at what we do! We take pride in our professionalism and our work.

Fire-Alarm-Maintanence+RepairTo start, Aldona maintains a large and well-stocked warehouse at its headquarters, with fully equipped trucks carrying spare parts, and direct lines of communication with manufacturers and distributors for any special orders. Aldona, also, maintains a fully trained, fully certified staff of technicians who provide fire alarm system maintenance and service 24/7—holidays included.

As such, an Aldona clients never wait an extensive period of time before our technicians arrive to install necessary parts in any situation or property.

Around-the-Clock Fire Prevention & Protection

How It Works: An initial fire alarm system check is scheduled for six months following a system install—after which the client can choose whether or not to enter into a fire alarm monitoring and/or maintenance contract.

A fire alarm system maintenance contract typically calls for an evaluation twice per year, or as otherwise required by law. A comprehensive system check is performed by an Aldona technician trained and certified by the manufacturer.

A maintenance visit from Aldona is an all-encompassing, complete routine from start to finish. Many other fire alarm maintenance companies seek to get through system checkups as quickly as possible. They only perform standard testing, without making any adjustments to ensure that a system’s devices will work properly. They also neglect to check for potential pre-alert conditions, where such negligent oversight risks costly false alarms.

Aldona takes every step seriously, regardless how seemingly insignificant, and performs a complete and thorough analysis of your fire alarm system every time; including needed adjustments. Every effort is taken by our technicians and project engineers to ensure the longevity of your fire alarm system and protection of your infrastructure and it’s occupants.

All necessary tests and checks are done with meticulous precision and confidence  - the Aldona way.

Aldona Professional Fire Alarm Care

Aldona treats every system and its components and devices with thorough care. Any faults found within the system during maintenance visits are corrected immediately on the spot.

If the fire alarm system repair work can not be completed in one day, a second repair visit is scheduled as close to the discovery of the malfunction as possible.

For example, smoke detectors—whether installed in elevators, air ducts or wherever else—are properly tested for functionality and sensitivity, according to device type. Each detector is gently cleaned of dirt buildup; the device’s interior being cleaned if necessary.

Another example, would be manual pull-stations, which after being tested and reset, are thoroughly cleaned of dust and dirt. Any damaged or worn devices are replaced.

The care we impart in the upkeep of fire alarm systems and the pride we have in our work product can be evidenced by our hard-spine bound, custom fire-alarm maintenance logbooks; used to record tests, changes and issues during the life-cycle of a fire alarm system. Our logbooks have always been unique and an Aldona tradition since 1991.

Give us a call and speak to a fire alarm specialist today. Ensure proper preventive maintenance takes place on your fire alarm system, with Aldona on your team!

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