Fire Alarm Programming

Fire alarm system programming is an essential component of any fire alarm system, which must be error-free for it to function properly. Aldona’s capacity for custom programming on any fire alarm system is unmatched in the industry!

Custom Programming For ALL Systems

Aldona provides true custom programming, able to create or recreate any fire alarm system programming software for most, hard-wired, addressable and wireless fire alarm systems, regardless of the manufacturer of the system – Faraday, Radionics, Mircom, Edwards/UTC EST2-3, Acme, Firelite, Wheelock, MSA, Evax, etc.

Aldona is one of the only fire alarm companies in the industry that actually creates a unique custom database and proprietary programming software for each fire alarm system. Best of all, clients retain all rights to the system and receives a true copy of the fire alarm system programming software.

Whether you need to recreate the programming software for your fire alarm system due to damage or corruption, unable to access your fire alarm system due to invalid login or password, or are being held hostage by your current fire alarm company – Aldona can help.

Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable in fire alarm system programming and the protocols these systems are based on. We are able to configure custom databases for any fire alarm system, write the scripts that make it all work and basically do a top-notch job we are proud to stand by.

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How Fire Alarm System Programming Works

A complete fire-alarm system comprises devices that automatically sense fire, such as smoke and duct detectors and water-flow switches that notify occupants through the use of warning lights and sounds; communication devices such as warden phones and intercoms; paging capabilities on individual floors, groups of floors, and/or designated areas; and manual components that allow for an occupant to notify others, such as pull stations.

All of these devices are controlled automatically (with manual override) by the fire-control panel which are programmed to communicate with all the system’s devices and panels. These panels have LCD-type displays for easy access and readability of alphanumeric messages that describe actions, alarms, and/or supervisory conditions.

It is the proprietary software programming for each fire alarm system that syncs all the devices, panels, wiring and actually provides the computer language and databases that make each fire alarm system function and come to life.

Tips to Keep In Mind

Programming a fire alarm system is not necessarily a one-time occurrence. Most property owners understand that for a fire alarm system to function properly and be approved by the Fire Department, it must be programmed.

However, many property owners forget that whenever any changes or modifications are made to the property that affect the fire alarm system, re-programming must also take place; otherwise the system may not function properly and false alarms may occur.

For example, when swapping out or re-positioning devices, altering wire connections or changing the property’s infrastructure, the fire alarm system has to be reconfigured to reflect such changes. If not, there is a good chance programming errors will occur due to issues with mapping or other faults. Common programming messages that a property owner or building manager may encounter are corrupted software, CPU damaged, communication fault, etc.

Also, applicable laws constantly change which may require fire alarm system programs be upgraded to reflect these changes in the law. Aldona technicians are aware of these issues and go the extra step to make sure your fire alarm system’s software is optimally programmed in accordance with applicable laws, codes, insurance and property requirements.

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