Fire Department Inspection & Approval

Fire-alarm-inspectionAldona is there at every step of the fire alarm system approval process, including scheduled Fire Department inspections.

Inspections are scheduled, only after fire alarm systems plans are fully submitted to the Fire Department and approved, which is the end-all final objective – Fire Department approval of you fire alarm system.

The final on-site inspection is, typically, the last step of the Fire Department approval process, which is when a letter of approval is granted. The inspector either approves your fire alarm system as fault-free or issues you a letter of defect.

Fire Alarm System Inspection

As a seasoned professional in the industry, Aldona has been to thousands of inspections. An official Fire Department on-site fire alarm system inspection is, typically, the last step of the fire alarm system approval process.

Aldona, as a fire alarm company headquartered in New York City, deals with extraordinary fire protection regulations above and beyond the nation’s standards. NYC has some of the most stringent and demanding fire alarm system requirements in the nation. As such, Aldona is extremely familiar with meticulous and detail-oriented inspections and knows how to pass challenging inspections the first time around.

Remember, fire protection is an essential part of public safety. Failure to adhere to local laws or safety regulations regarding fire protection can result in penalties and even in certain cases, criminal charges.

Fire Alarm ApprovalLetter of Approval – GRANTED

A letter of approval is a critical end-goal that must be reached for a fire alarm system to be officially recognized as fully functional and compliant of all fire protection laws and codes. To obtain a letter of approval, an on-site inspection is scheduled with a Fire Department Inspector.

Before a letter of approval inspection is scheduled for your fire alarm system your Aldona team will pre-qualify your system prior to the inspection and be there at every step of the actual inspection.

On the date of inspection your Aldona representative is there with you at every step of the way. We are your team of professionals, after all – we are Fire and Building code experts! With Aldona, companies usually pass their inspection the first time, with no need to reschedule or make costly updates or repairs to their fire alarm system.

Aldona’s experts, as tenured fire alarm specialists, have tools and methods to fight for system approval. After all, who do you want to answer the fire inspectors questions or pre-qualify your system for inspection – Aldona, when you need us most.

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