Code & Legal Compliance

Fire protection laws and building codes involved for each structure, in each location can be seriously perplexing and daunting. Aldona, through its many years of experience and knowledge, possess the necessary understanding of the laws and codes that regulate fire alarm systems.

Aldona ensures fire alarm systems meet or exceed fire code and legal requirements, now and in the future.

Each fire alarm system is designed with an eye toward easy expansion to meet future needs, while always staying in full compliance of all laws, fire codes and insurance requirements.

Fire Alarm System – Minimum Requirements

Aldona starts by assessing the minimum fire alarm system requirements for your property and uses its many years of experience and knowledge to make sure that inhabitants and assets are protected according to the law.

Protection always meets or exceeds current and soon-to-be-enacted laws and fire codes.

Whether it be UL standards, FM standards or any standards which derive from the National Fire Alarm Association, our experts know and understand these conditions of performance, safety and quality. We make it our business to know what matters for each and every type of fire alarm system we handle.

Since our headquarters is located in New York City, a metropolis with excessive fire alarm system regulation, we are intimately familiar with the intricacies of fire alarm system compliance matters.

Reduce Property & Liability Insurance Costs

In addition, we keep in mind that aside from legal and fire code requirements, many insurance companies expect certain conditions be met that surpass any legal requirements. Should you have contractual limitations set forth by your insurance company, Aldona will take every step to try and meet those contractual restrictions. We always look for ways to help you reduce property and liability insurance costs. Some of these savings can more than cover the initial outlay.

Rest assured, Aldona will take care of all your fire code and legal compliance worries and save you from the complex web of legal requirements. Give us a call to speak to a fire alarm specialist today.

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