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A fully-functional, complete fire alarm system is built from a of a wide range of devices and parts. Aldona maintains a sizable inventory of fire alarm system parts on hand at all times. If you need to add a new system device or replace an old part, give us a call – we can help.

Our parts department is here to help you get the fire alarm parts you need quickly and usually for less than other suppliers. Even better our parts department team is comprised of individuals who are tenured in the industry and can help answer questions that you may have.

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Common Fire Alarm Parts

Fire alarm systems are only as good as the parts they are built with. Commercial fire alarm systems are comprised of much more than a standard wall-mounted smoke detector. In general, there are only a few classes of devices which are as follow: Fire Alarm Control Panels, Initiating Devices, Notification Devices and accessories that extend system capabilities.

Here’s a quick rundown of some major fire alarm system parts and their purpose.
Fire Alarm Parts & Devices

  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
    • Fire Alarm Control Panels are the heart of the system.
  • Initiating Devices
    • Initiating Devices are the parts of a fire alarm system which trigger alarms.  Devices in this group include manual pull stations, CO detectors, Smoke Detectors, IR Sensors, Heat detectors and Light Sensors; to name a few.
  • Notification Devices
    • Notification Devices alert the occupants of a building or infrastructure in the event a fire or other emergency.  Today’s modern fire alarms utilize both visual and auditory beacons.  Often notification devices are integrated with other audio components like PA systems and intercoms.
  • Standard Manual Pull Stations can be activated by any passing individual who senses or spots a fire before an alarm does.
  • Strobe Lights and Horns are essential in any large building or complex, be it a school, store or office.
  • Duct Smoke Detectors are placed in air ducts to detect smoke within them—a standard for any multiple story building with a ventilation system.
  • Heat Detectors are necessary for sections of a building that experience intense heat such as large kitchens and boiler rooms.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors, which sense the release of escaping carbon monoxide, should be installed on or near rooms containing any gas-utilizing appliances or machinery.
  • Intercoms, coupled with fully customizable paging capabilities, allow for immediate and easy communication between all levels of a building.
  • The Warden Phone is a recommended addition, used to contact your district fire warden in the actual event of a fire.
  • Emergency Shutdown Devices for machinery (such as fans and elevators) are absolutely crucial for larger buildings and facilities with a high volume of human traffic.
  • This elaborate web of communication and data is automatically controlled from the fire-alarm panel. This control device uses an LCD display to reveal messages in an alphanumeric code that describes an assortment of actions and conditions of your fire alarm system.


Make Aldona your go to source for fire alarm system parts and equipment.  If you are looking for a specific part, please call to inquire about availability and turn around.


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