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Aldona is comprised of tenured fire prevention, fire control and fire protection system experts.  Our founder is a tenured fire safety engineer with more than:

  • 30+ years of experience in the industry,
  • 21+ years operation experience,
  • 15+ years of experience in design of protection systems,
  • Has designed thousand’s of fire alarm systems.

In fact, all of Aldona’s technicians exceed fire alarm industry standards for training and education. All engineering is done in-house and all our technicians  have M.S. or B.S. degrees in electrical engineering and/or computer sciences; and have a minimum of 1,000 hours of technical fire-alarm system installation education.

We understand that every building, every space, every client and every project is unique.

From seemingly “basic” fire-alarm systems to complex fire-alarm and voice-communication systems for high-rise buildings, stadiums, hospitals, nursing homes, factories, piers, banks, restaurants, schools, landmarked properties, libraries, prisons, health clubs, government facilities, industrial complexes, public infrastructures, etc. (click here for a list of projects) our engineers provide full custom solutions for each project.

No matter what size or type of building or space, Aldona has designed and installed, maintains, and monitors all kinds of fire-alarm systems at all levels of coverage and complexity. In addition, we believe that safety and budget need not be at odds.

Fire-Alarm-BrandsAldona can design any combination of the following fire alarm systems to meet individual owner and property needs:

  • Fire-alarm, voice-communication, and voice-evacuation systems.
  • Individually coded systems for schools, retail stores, and occupancies not covered by voice communication systems.
  • Smoke-detection systems that protect designated areas and additional fire-alarm protection such as substitute sprinkler systems.
  • Voluntary fire-alarm systems that provide additional protection required by some insurance companies and building owners.
  • Smoke-detection devices for sprinkler pre-action systems for areas such as computer rooms and electrical rooms.
  • Supervisory sprinkler fire alarms for both wet and dry sprinkler systems and deluge systems.
  • Sprinkler-alarm systems that are equipped to automatically notify the Fire Department and consist of water-flow switches, gate valves with tamper switches, pressure switches, and solenoid valves.
  • Gas-monitoring systems in nursing homes, hospitals, and industrial buildings that detect dangerous levels of hazardous gases.

Fire alarm systems are essential to public safety and mandated by law, choosing the right life-safety company is an important decision – take it seriously!

Building owners or property managers need to understand there are very few fire-protection specialists, even less are tenured engineers.

Fire Alarm InformationIn fact, even top level architects and engineers are rarely fire alarm specialists. Aldona is recognized throughout the industry as an elite specialist in the field of fire protection.

Our company is managed and operated by a top-level tenured engineer with 30+ years in the industry. This is a specialized field requiring specific and exacting skills, all of which Aldona’s project engineers and technicians possess. We always encourage our potential customers to check our references and tour completed job sites before making final decisions as to which company to choose. Aldona even offers fire alarm consultation services.

Fire Alarm System: Assessment

Wheel describing the assessment process related to fire alarms.We at Aldona know that personalized fire prevention services begin with a mutual understanding between us and our clients. We seek to address questions such as:

  • What are the client’s goals or requirements?
  • What level of protection do local authorities’ require?
  • What level of protection might an individual or entity want?
  • What unique property or business needs might there be?

We are fire alarm experts that know the right questions to ask, in order to design and install the ideal fire alarm solution for your needs. Our goal is to provide clients with fire alarm systems that fully meet their property and business needs.

Aldona Quality Assurance

In addition, Aldona creates a database for each fire-alarm system. To protect the client, any proprietary system designed by us, comes with all property rights and a copy of the programming software. Aldona also provides manufacturer programming, training, and certification.

We provide as-built drawings of the fire-alarm systems and other vital materials such as panels and printed versions of the program, catalog sheets for all equipment and parts used for the system, a booklet with all points and instructions on how to disable them, instructions on how to operate the system, and a copy of the drawings approved by the authorities along with the accompanying fire department approval letter.

Although most of our customers request Aldona as their monitoring and maintenance company, we make sure that we design and equip our clients in such a way that they can change their fire-alarm company whenever desired.

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