Fire Alarm Design & Planning

Gas-Safety-System-DesignWith the wisdom that comes after decades in the fire prevention and protection industry, Aldona knows that the design of any fire alarm system begins with firm cooperation and ends with satisfaction between our client and the authorities. This is only possible, when your fire alarm service company ask the right questions during the planning of your fire alarm system:

  • What is the client’s vision for his/her building?
  • What does the city, county or state’s Department of Buildings and Fire Department require?
  • What sort of protection does the client desire?
  • What needs or requirements are special to the premises or business?

Aldona assists all clients with fire alarm system design and planning by identifying potential problems right out of the gate and advising decision-makers on available options. We survey your property from all angles to factor its unique property characteristics. Aldona’s in-depth, thorough planning and design process enables Aldona to design the perfect fire alarm system for your property.

We go the distance for our clients.

Fire Alarm System Design – The Process


Fire alarm system design begins with a full review of the building’s blueprints and a thorough walk-through of the premises. The Aldona engineer best suited to the project conducts a needs analysis based on occupancy, building height, layout, and the like. Meetings are held with the business owner or client to target the basic needs of the premises, as well as to clarify all steps of the planning process to the client. The owner’s preferences are taken into account together with the engineer’s professional suggestions to maximize protection and avoid system malfunction.

Aldona’s engineers and draftsmen begin work right away once the client’s goals and requirements are fully understood, which include budget concerns. Once the fire alarm system is designed, the blueprints are submitted to your city or county’s Department of Buildings and Fire Department for approval.

Upon plan approval, the Fire Department sets up an inspection date, on which representatives from both Aldona and the Fire Department tour the premises while reviewing plans. Only upon approval can installation of your fire alarm system be scheduled.

Design and plan your fire alarm system with Aldona, call today.

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