Fire Alarm Installation

For a fire alarm system to protect persons and property, it must operate properly. Reliable fire protection, prevention and detection start with a sound, professional fire alarm installation. A custom, property-specific fire alarm installation is the cornerstone to a long lasting, efficient and high quality fire alarm system. Although fire alarm system installation is a complex process, with Aldona it is as hassle-free as possible; and is always guaranteed to be precise, professional, and of incomparable quality.

Aldona – Licensed Fire Alarm Installers

NY-NJ-Fire-Protection-Licensed-Service-AreaAldona fire alarm system installations are versatile and completely customized, whether plans are for a one-story home, or for an urban high-rise. We certainly know, as we have designed and installed systems of all types.  Aldona has installed fire alarm systems for all types of needs: hi-rise buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, department stores, other commercial spaces, universities, marine and industrial facilities; to name a few.

At any location where we have performed the installation of a system, our work is instantly recognizable. Opening one of our fire alarm control panels reveals pristine, precisely organized wiring that connects to all the alarms and devices throughout the building. We connect them with superior, high-quality cables that we use in every installation, whereas most other fire protection companies use cheap, faulty cabling.

Careful examination of an Aldona installed fire alarm system will reveal the attention-to-detail and care with which we place our devices. For example, we place alarms in smart locations where they are less likely to break or cause false alarms.

Fire Alarm Installation – The Process

Installation by Aldona typically begins with a core system, or riser, in a premise’s lower level, in which our experts carefully lay the wiring and mount the fire alarm system’s main control panel. This setup is securely linked with data communication wiring, which is separately linked with each detector, pull station, visual, auditory and communication device, floor-by-floor.

Once each and every device is linked to the risers beneath the floors, they are activated. Aldona technicians then program the fire alarm system’s software, and devices are carefully sequenced. Upon completion, our technicians conduct a thorough test of each of the system’s functions and capabilities. Any and all necessary adjustments of the fire alarm system are corrected immediately. Device testing and programming continues until each component of the system is configured for optimal functionality.

After the fire alarm system installation is completed, a Fire Department inspection takes place. Upon system approval by the Fire Department (i.e. FDNY), the building owner signs off on Aldona’s work, and all final drawings—property of the building owner—are submitted to the respective county or state’s Department of Buildings.

Continuing Safety – Maintenance & Monitoring

With every new fire alarm system installation, renewable maintenance and monitoring contracts are also available. Aldona’s services are unparalleled in the industry, we provide all our clients with dependable fire protection systems and peace of mind.

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