Pre-Configured Systems

Aldona now offers an alternative approach to the traditional method of installing one of our quality fire alarm systems, free of actual onsite installation by our technicians.

You can now purchase your own custom Aldona pre-configured fire alarm system according to your specific needs and preferences directly from us. When it arrives on your doorstep, the system is 100% functional and pre-programmed, ready for installation by your local licensed electrician.

Your Installers – Aldona’s Fire Alarm System

All fire alarm systems designed by Aldona are instantly recognizable, pre-configured systems included! Every part, cables, and all devices are clearly numbered and identified. You could almost say that our systems are foolproof.  Aldona systems are used in sensitive and mission-critical facilities all over the tri-state New York & New Jersey area.

Aldona is based out of New York City. New York City’s fire ordinance codes are some of the strictest in the world. Our project portfolio includes over 3,000 systems and some of the worlds most famous buildings and properties. Our pre-configured systems bring this level of experience directly to you, at a fraction of the cost.

Currently, Aldona pre-configured fire alarm systems are being offered only in New York & New Jersey. Nationwide sales soon to come.

Packaged Pre-Configured Fire Alarm Systems

Packaged custom pre-configured fire alarm systems are made possible for 3 reasons.

  1. Aldona fire alarm system expertise allows us to custom design your system based on provided technical information of your property and business needs.
  2. Aldona takes care of the hard part, the rest can be done by your local licensed electrician or contractor.
  3. With our step-by-step instructions, labeled parts and devices, custom programming software, any competent electrician or contractor can install your fire alarm system.

Preconfigured Fire Alarm SystemsAldona’s preconfigured systems come with technical support. The details of each pre-configured fire alarm system designed by Aldona is securely stored and the information is available upon request by an authorized party. When you need an answer in a hurry, Aldona is there.

To get a quote on a custom pre-configured system for your property we require blue prints, and other pertinent property information. Get started today by calling us or telling us a little about the project on the form provided.


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