System Test & Evaluation

A fire alarm system test and evaluation is essential to determine the status and level of functionality of an installed fire alarm system. Aldona understands the importance of checking your fire alarm system and offers independent fire alarm system tests and fire alarm system evaluations, in addition to providing this service as part of its full services.

Test Your Fire Alarm System

System-TestWhen Aldona is involved from the start, a fire alarm system test & evaluation is conducted when it matters most.

Typically, once Aldona technicians have completed programming, they conduct a thorough test of all fire alarm system functions and capabilities. Any revisions needed are performed immediately. Testing of devices and programming continues until system accuracy and functionality is perfected.

Aldona Can Test Any System for You

But what if Aldona has not been involved at any stage of the installation, maintenance or monitoring of your fire alarm system?

A complete and comprehensive fire alarm system test and evaluation is available as a stand-alone service as well.

There are many instances and reasons why a property owner, building manager or even general contractor would like an independent 3rd party fire alarm system test and evaluation. Aldona provides fire alarm system tests and evaluations as an independent 3rd party expert and/or as a preliminary service to assess the overall status of your system.

Give us a call or contact us to learn more about how Aldona can perform a full fire alarm system test and evaluation for your property’s fire alarm system.

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