Violations & Letters of Defect

Fire-Department-Letter-of-ViolationHas your property or business received a fire code violation, or are you responsible for your fire alarm system?  Have you taken all necessary steps to avoid receiving violations or letters of defect from the Department of Buildings, Fire Department or local authorities?

Aldona can assist you with making sure that your fire alarm system is violation-free and that you do not receive any Fire Department letters of defect. If you have already received one or more violations and/or a letter of defect, call Aldona to fix these issues.

Solve Fire Code Violations

If you do receive or have received a letter of defect, rest assured as Aldona will go toe-to-toe with the local authorities on your behalf and either have the letter of defect reversed or, at the least, remedy the violations, so that the next inspection is clear and free of fire code violations and/or letters of defect.

If you have already received a violation, make sure to remedy those identified defects prior to your next fire alarm system inspection, but also keep in mind that the next inspector has the discretion to find different fire code violations not previously identified. In other words, do not just fix known violations or defects to you fire alarm system, rather address all potential problems once and for all.

Aldona does the job right the first time, so you can have one less issue to worry about.

Avoid False Fire Alarm Penalties

In most jurisdictions, two or more false alarms will cause your property to receive a Fire Department violation for a false alarm. Other violations to look out for are as follows:

  • No Letter of Approval
  • No Inspection
  • No Maintenance Record
  • Fire Alarm System not up to Code
  • No 5-year or 10-year Test
  • No Annual Sprinkler Test,
  • Emergency Lighting Test,
  • Elevator Recall Test,
  • Fan Shutdown Test,
  • Door Release Test,
  • Emergency Batter Backup Test,
  • Disconnected System from Central Station Monitoring,
  • System not Maintained in Working Order
  • Etc.

All Aldona technicians hold valid Certificate’s of Fitness and/or NICET Level II approval and can remedy any fire alarm system violations and/or letters of defect. We will repair your fire alarm system and bring it to working order, if necessary, so that your fire alarm system is violation-free and eligible for a letter of approval.

Call or contact us to have an Aldona technician fix your violations and/or letters of defect.

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