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Fire-Alarm-Filing+ExpeditingAll fire alarm system plans must be submitted to the Fire Department for official approval. Commercial fire alarm system planning is intricate, complicated and unfortunately Fire Department approval can at times be elusive and difficult to obtain without a thorough knowledge of the filing and expediting process.

Aldona cuts through the red tape and bureaucracy on behalf of our clients and gets the job done right the first time. Even if we did not design your fire protection system we can help you gain approval and expedite the entire process.

Faster Fire Alarm System Approval

Aldona’s Fire Department expediters and professional team handle your filing from start to finish. We attain approvals quickly to keep projects moving on time. We understand that delays in approval translate to painful project construction delays. With Aldona, clients avoid common pitfalls and undue complications that other designers or fire alarm system planners may not notice or realize.

Before we submit any plans for approval, system designs are first thoroughly reviewed by our in-house designers and project engineers. Due to our tenured experience in the industry, we catch flaws in system plans early. Any errors or flaws that we find are corrected and the plans are prepared for submission.

Aldona Guarantees Success!

After our review of fire alarm system plans, the actual application submission process starts. Aldona completes all necessary Fire Department and official paper work, then applies for approval. If for some reason the plans we submit are challenged by the authorities, we fight zealously to have fire alarm system plans approved. We leverage our knowledge of fire code and building codes for maximum value to the client, never allowing ourselves to be bullied or intimidated by government officials.

Hire Aldona to submit your high-rise, commercial, industrial, marine or any type of fire alarm system plans to the Fire Department, such as the FDNY, for fast and painless approval.

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